Friday, July 5, 2013

Major Kusanagi Motoko Cosplay: Part 3

Hello again! My next Motoko cosplay post will probably be the last, woohoo! I have a month to finish.

I got the grommets set in the bodice and some more binding is done. It fits funny in the cups and I'm not happy with it.

Here is another progress picture (apologies about the quality, my phone's camera leaves much to be desired).

The part I still need to do.

-Finish binding and get clear straps for the bodice. I am REALLY not happy about the straps, but it seems my only option to get it to fit right at this point without starting over.
-Finish belt
-Modify the bikini bottoms...maybe.
-Add cuffs to the socks
-Make the shin guards.

Then, I think I'm done!

I bought a pair of sunglasses from a prop maker on Etsy. I really didn't want to make those so if they end up fitting properly it is totally worth it. Worse case I suppose they can just stay on top of my head, I'll be wearing my normal glasses in the halls so I can see anyway. Not ready to brave contacts yet!

Sigh... still really bummed about the bodice but I still think it's better than my old one.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Fairy Wing Hair Sticks

I have a huge smile on my face. It turns out that my fairy hair sticks were a hit! I sold two of them already- I couldn't believe it! Here I made another one:

I'm also experimenting with dragon wings too:

I have some new designs/techniques in mind that I'm going to try out soon. The hardest part is they are so small- about 3 inches. This doesn't give me a lot of room for detail.

Time to get crafting!

Major Kusanagi Motoko Cosplay: Part 2

Woohoo, I am making some progress on my Motoko cosplay! I'm making really good time too- there are about two and a half months until the convention (this NEVER happens-usually I'm one of the many cosplayers who will frantically sew in the hotel room only an hour before leaving).

I basically made one of those lingerie bustier bra things but it's about ten times sturdier. There are five layers of fabric and that was a PAIN to manage. It originally was supposed to be just four layers, but in order to get the color I wanted, I layered a very thin white fabric over purple. So now in the right light it has that very slight purple tint like it does in the anime. Nobody will probably ever notice, but at least it makes me feel good.

 Here is a look at all the boning I put in there. There is even an underwire, whew!

I got the top layer attached, the back pieces assembled, and am now starting to do some cosmetic finishing touches. I'm a little upset because the cups didn't line up properly, but I think it's something I'll be able to fix.

The most important part to do now is really the back closure, which I'm going to do lace-up style so it'll hold the girls better and stay in place. It's not exactly accurate, but due to my limitations the pros outweigh the cons. I need to order some stuff before I can do that though, so I don't know exactly how it fits until I can cinch it up. So far it looks ok by just pulling it tight. Keeping fingers crossed!

Click here for part 3

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Little Pony Alternative Rehair: Moon Jumper

Recently I came across an almost bald Moon Jumper. Her original hair color is supposed to be a solid blue, but this poor pony has received a really bad haircut at one point. Her mane was about an inch long, and her tail was just a stubby 1/2 inch. Yikes!

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't rehair a hard-to-find pony like this, but it was just so short and I wanted to keep her, so I justified it!

I'm really proud of how she turned out. Way more fun and colorful than the original! I tried to follow the color pattern on her wings and then added amethyst at the end for fun.

I have her perched up on my laptop for company.

So fun! I can't wait to do the next one.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ponies and Wings!

I recently participated in a FUN secret My Little Pony swap!! Since it is over now and my partner has her box, it is safe for me to post pictures of the crafty things I did for it.

I found a bald wingless Glow pony and did my first pony rehair ever and gave her some new wings:

My partner loves alternate re-hairs and customs so I thought she would enjoy it (and she did!).

I also made some Flutter replacement wings for her,

Making those wings became addicting!! I learned a lot from it and have been experimenting with different styles. She got my very first pairs. :)

I made several more and used them as hair stick toppers,

I listed one of my fairy hair sticks on Etsy just to see what turns out of it. That was a really scary thing to do but I am looking forward to see what the feedback will be.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Major Kusanagi Motoko Cosplay: Part 1

If I had to choose an all time favorite anime character, it would have to be Major Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. She is dependable, confident, extremely intelligent and full of bad-assery. She carries many of qualities I wish I had more of, so I think that's why I admire her character so much.

Not going to lie, I like the fan-service too.

I have been wanting to cosplay her for many years. Finally with plans to attend Otakon 2013, here is my chance! One of the cool things about this character is she has many costume "variations". Sometimes she wears pants instead of the socks/bikini and sometimes no jacket, so that is what I'm going to do. I'm going wear different versions throughout the weekend so I always have a fresh change of clothes.

Last year I got started on her bodice but I am not entirely happy with it. It was a great learning experience and I got some ideas, but I'm going to try again.

It's difficult to see in that photo, but one of the major things missing from the construction is the "bust definition". The underbust seams are supposed to be very defined. It needs to be more bra-like and not princess-seam-like I'm thinking.

Back to the drawing table!

Using my old pattern and a bra as a guide, I reworked it into a new pattern. After some adjusting and mock-up making, I came up with this so far:
I think this is going to work out much better! Here's to hoping it fits properly!

Click here for part 2

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Little Pony "Restore": Perfume Puff Red Roses

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for My Little Ponies to add to my collection. I got really lucky when I stumbled across my most recent find: Perfume Puff Red Roses. She is fairly well sought after and I found her for a GREAT price. I'm not very fond of this one, but I figured, "If I'm ever going to get her... this is my chance". The only problem is...


It's supposed to be froofy and puffy like a troll doll, but she is starting to get some dreads there. After a couple hours of conditioning, finger combing and brushing, I finally got her very close to how she is supposed to look:

Aside from collecting, cleaning up old vintage toys is a little side hobby of mine. I really do get a lot of enjoyment out of "bringing old toys to life". Plus, all that dirt, unknown grime, and rust can't be good for the plastic. I never permanently add something to a toy that isn't original (unless the toy is so far gone and it won't detract from the value anyway), but I sure do a lot of cleaning/hair fixing!